The World’s First Subscription Club to Discover Alcohol-Free Spirits Launched

  1. Author: Adrian Franklin
  2. Date: February 15, 2021

Wesley Branch, Brand Ambassador at Pourwell and professional dancer at the Northern Ballet

Pourwell is riding a wave of increased interest in health & wellness, in-home entertainment and alcohol-free alternatives to popular drinks

There are currently hundreds of no and low (NoLo) alcohol brands globally, thousands of products, and new ones are being launched every month. Whilst there has never been more choice, it’s never been harder for consumers to know where to start or what to try.

Every month, the curators at Pourwell select one full-size bottle of alcohol-free spirit, which includes new product launches, and limited and exclusive editions not available anywhere else. It comes paired with low-calorie mixers and garnish, allowing members to build their favourite classic cocktails and discover new flavours for the first time. Another integral part of the content is a range of complementing sweet and savoury healthy snacks, all low in calories and high in flavour. As a member, you decide how often you'd like to receive a new box - every one, two or three months. You only pay for the months you get one and you're free to change, freeze or cancel your membership plan at any time.

Brand Ambassador Wesley Branch, of the Northern Ballet, said: ‘Whilst it looks and tastes great, alcohol-free is naturally low in calories, and doesn’t affect your sleep quality or the results of your training - it’s the only option if you’re serious about your health and wellness.'

A subscription club to discover alcohol-free spirits is just the beginning; Pourwell will be introducing a collection of products and services for consumers and brands alike, and not just in the UK. Their vision is to become the way the world discovers alcohol-free drinks. To capture the market and scale faster the business is planning to raise external capital in the coming months.

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