Non-Alcoholic Summer Spritz

  1. Author: Roberta Nilerud
  2. Date: July 7, 2022

Oh summer how we love thee let us count the ways, long meandering evenings, al fresco dining, sandals, sun soaked soirees, trips to Italy, afternoon’s spent in the garden spritz in hand we could go on…..

Pourwell July Box

Wait stop. Trips to Italy we want one!! So all things summer and Italian are our source of inspo for this month's box.

Pourwell Summer Spritz

Non-Alcoholic Cocktail of the Month - The Pourwell Summer Spritz

The mocktail of the month is a Pourwell Summer Spritz - a non-alcoholic take on a classic Aperol spritz made instead with APRTF a balanced and beautifully bitter 0.0% alcohol aperitif. With a vibrant Cranberry flavour and notes of wormwood and orange bitters - it’s the perfect companion for meandering afternoons, Al fresco dining and sun soaked soirees.


  • Glass: Wine glass
  • 50ml: APRTF
  • 100ml: Tonic or soda
  • Garnish: Citrus wheel & olive leaves


  • Fill a glass with ice 🧊 measure and pour APRTF over ice.
  • Top with tonic or soda
  • Muddle with a 🥄add 👗 with Citrus wheel & olive leaves

Spirit of the Month APRTF

Pourwell Summer Spritz with Olives

APRTF was founded by long-term friends, Emma and Alexandra and is completely British made, offering a premium drinking experience for the more mindful drinker. Launched in 2020, APRTF was born as a result of the pandemic, which provided an opportunity for both Emma and Alexandra to reflect on their lifestyle and work/life balance. With a newfound focus and the aim to seek a better quality non-alcoholic spirit, Emma and Alexandra began to explore with their own unique flavour profiles.

APRTF is a natural product, using cranberry, bitter orange and wormwood to create a bittersweet 0.0% ABV aperitif. Incredible flavours at only 10 calories per 50 ml serving. They have strived to produce a product that was vegan friendly and gluten free.

Simply pair it with a tonic, soda or lemonade for the perfect non alcoholic spritz.


Pourwell Summer Spritz box with tonics and snacks

This month we are featuring a mix up of mixers for you to try with your APRFT. As some like a bitter twist and others some sweetness mixed in, or even some other flavours in the mix. So we have incldued a classic Italian Tonic from Polara a Bon Accord light & dry tonic, or a Double Dutch flavoured tonic and an authentic Italian lemon soda.

Surprise Taster - Crodino

Crodino Biondo bottle

For this month’s Surprise taster we are featuring a Italian classic with vintage charm and the original non-alcoholic aperitivo, Crodino.

Crodino was born in 1965. Its creation came in a historic moment when, in Italy, different liquorists and entrepreneurs were searching for a non-alcoholic or low alcohol drinks, as consumers were asking more and more for this kind of product: a trend that is nowadays repeating itself, with consumers ever more interested in low or no alcohol propositions. That’s why Crodino has become a part of Italian culture and loved even outside Italy.

Snacks Oloves Basic and Garlic and San Carlo LaVita Buona


To complement the Italian theme we’ve carefully selected Italian flavours for snacks also. San Carlo cherry tomato crisps are super delicious and easy to see why they are the best selling crisps in Italy. Next up we have Basil and Garlic 🫒 Olives by Oloves and then sweet treats and insanely good Tiramisu & dark chocolate flavour My Sweet Chickpea, a great one to blind challenge any non-vegan friends as we suspect they won’t believe they are actually vegan!! Also instead of an Espresso at the end we have included The Protein Ball Co Coffee oat balls, to fully round off the Italian flavour experience!

Hopefully as you sip and nibble, you will feel like you are sitting in a stylish outdoor Italian cafe watching the world go by or taking some shade under an olive tree in an ornate Italian garden, enjoy!

Snacks My Sweet Chickpea and The Protein Ball Co
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