Non-Alcoholic G & T - a crisp, refreshing alternative 🌊

  1. Author: Roberta Nilerud
  2. Date: June 6, 2022

Thinking of the Jubilee and our beloved Queen’s 70 years on the throne, and all the celebrations lined up got us all thinking about everything quintessentially British, Tea, Scones, trips to the Seaside.

Ah the seaside, if you dream of sand dunes and salty air….the diversity of the UK coastline with its varied beauty from rugged cliffs to white sand dunes is truly awesome.

⚓️ So all things UK and Coastal are our source of inspo for this month's box and the cocktail of the month is a Pourwell take on her majesty's favourite tipple, a classic Gin and Tonic. Our non-alcoholic version is the E & T with the marine inspired Everleaf. Thoughtfully crafted as an alternative to gin with flavours of juniper, bergamot and dulse. Making it the perfect partner for a coastal picnic, Jubilee toast or relaxed sunny day refresher, cheers!

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Pourwell June G&T

Non-Alcoholic Cocktail of the Month


  • Glass: Balloon
  • 50ml: Everleaf Marine
  • 100-150ml: Tonic
  • Garnish: 🍊🎡


  • 🧊Fill a shaker with ice, measure and 💦 Everleaf Marine over the ice.
  • Top with tonic and muddle with a 🥄 👗 with 🍊🎡 and serve.

Spirit of The Month - Everleaf Marine

Everleaf Marine

The award winning Everleaf is a long time favourite of the Pourwell taste panel with 3 delicious non-alcoholic variants inspired by the natural world - Forest, Mountain and Marine. All complex and balanced non-alcoholic aperitifs made with the depth, aroma and flavour of the natural world. Everleaf Marine, is inspired by the sea and crafted specifically as an alternative to Gin. It's crisp and light with flavours of juniper, bergamot and dulse.

Everleaf founder, Paul, spent most of his life surrounded by nature. A conservation biologist, he spent years observing the natural world, learning how best to interact with it. Fast forward a few years and we now find Paul behind his own bar, this time listening to customers. Which got him thinking. How could he create a non-alcoholic aperitif with all the depth and complexity of the finest drinks behind his bar?

He knew nature would have the answer. It took over a year of experimentation to develop Everleaf. Paul researched plants, sustainable sourcing, dehydrating samples, macerating, and extracting to get the perfect blend of complementary yet surprising flavours. But then there was the texture. Alcohol’s unique viscosity is usually missing from non-alcoholic drinks. What solutions could the natural world offer to create something similar? Again, he found answers on both land and sea from plants such as acacia trees and seaweeds.

This is very true, mouthfeel is an often overlooked factor of a great non-alcoholic spirit, even ones that win on aroma and flavour are let down by the lack of sufficient mouthfeel. All Paul’s experimentation definitely paid off and consumers and critics agree Everleaf's range of non-alcoholic products are truly outstanding.

Surprise Taster

Sea Arch

Sea Arch

For this month’s Surprise taster we are featuring another product also inspired by the Coast, founded by Devon based Sarah and Geoff with a background in hospitality, they knew there had to be a way to create an alternative to alcohol without compromising on quality, taste or experience. Sea Arch’s distilled non-alcoholic spirit is made using traditional distillation techniques, to include both steam and copper-pot. They individually extract the flavours from each of the 11 all-natural botanicals. Inspired by all the sights and sounds of the Devon coast, Sea Arch takes its name after an iconic rock formation found on their favourite stretch of coastline near their home in Torbay.

The first thing one notices about this product is the incredible nose, aromatic juniper and bitter grapefruit fill the nostrils and deliver a clean, crisp first taste. This is followed by a sweetness and spice of blood orange and coriander which hit another layer of flavour and complexity. Sea Arch’s distinctively fresh coastal notes and Devon character are further supplied by the wild seaside herbs of sugar kelp and samphire.

Sustainability is also important to the Sea Arch brand. Sarah says.....

“Living by the ocean we are acutely aware of protecting the natural world around us. That’s why we won’t use single-use plastic in our packaging. Its why we use recycled cardboard for our boxes and solvent-free paint for our gorgeous marine blue bottles. We also use recyclable aluminium for our Sea & T range."


Marlish English Tonic

Marlish English Tonic Water

This month we are featuring Marlish English Tonic. Marlish Waters is a Northumberland-based spring water brand born when in 2015, two cousins, Joe and Elizabeth, discovered an incredibly pure and unique underground spring water source on their working farm in Morpeth, Northumberland. From that day forward the future of the farm would be changed forever, and a farm diversification project ensued.

Marlish Team

What we especially love about Marlish tonics, as well as tasting great and being sugar free, plastic free, low calorie and free from artificial preservatives, is that they are sustainably produced at the source of their spring water on Marlish Farm.

Marlish’s sustainability creds set a high bar - Marlish Spring Water takes over 150 years to slowly filter through the rock and mineral strata, a completely sustainable resource which is naturally replenished by rain water then packaged at source to reduce the brand’s environmental footprint. Onsite solar energy generation and an ever growing tree planting program allows Marlish to utilise renewable energy for the production of its drinks.

Here is the Marlish full range, prettily lined up like little colourful soldiers.

Marlish Full Range

Coast British Tonic

Coast British Tonic

Next up we have another great brand with sustainability at its core Coast and their clean-tasting, naturally lower sugar British tonic. Made with coastal ingredients and inspired by different shores from around the British Coastline. Because, they believe everything is more refreshing at the coast! This tonic is super fresh on the nose, with marsh grapefruit and a hint of fresh-cut grass. A touch of not-too-bitter quinine rounds the sea salt minerality and bright acidity.

Founders Richard and Joe

Founders Ricard & Joe have thought through every aspect of the mixer with the lens of the Coast and landed on interesting new flavours and a more balanced approach. Their key insight was to add a touch of sea salt. Just enough to add mouthfeel and make you thirsty for another sip, without tasting ‘salty’. Suddenly, bitter notes are rounded, while sweet notes are naturally elevated, meaning far less sugar added.

Healthy, abundant, pollution-free coastlines are at the heart of their vision. So they don’t use plastic, but it’s still a collective problem as far as Richard and Joe are concerned. So they partner with Vera to take plastic out of the Oceans and are proud company members of the Marine Conservation Society supporting their incredible work.

Read more about the MCS’s incredible work.


British Crisp co Sea Salt and Vinegar and Premium Crunchy Corn

To complement this month’s maritime flavours we’ve carefully selected some perfect snack pairings. With a new brand for us the British Crisp Co vegan and gluten free and Salt and Vinegar a being a classic combo that represents seaside towns all over the country and their most popular flavour to boot!

Retro corn Rubarb and Custard Popcorn

We also have long time favourite Love Corn Sea Salt and sweet snacks of traditional British flavours of Nakd Carrot Cake bar and Retro Corn Rhubarb and Custard Popcorn.

💪Setting you up a treat for a coastal picnic, Jubilee toast 🥂or relaxed sunny day refresher, cheers!

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