Mocktails for May the alcohol free Mai Tai

  1. Author: Roberta Nilerud
  2. Date: May 10, 2022

It’s May and suddenly summer doesn't seem so far away.....We’ve been planning summer wardrobes (aka unpacking the sliders) and dreaming of exotic summer holidays over here at Pourwell - which has been the inspo for this month's box.

🗿Non-Alcoholic Cocktail of the Month 🍊⛱🍒🍍

The May Tai - a Pourwell take on this Trader Vic’s Tiki classic the Mai Tai. With flavours of golden rum, lime, orange and almond. We love the history of classic cocktails, each one tells its own unique story and the Mai Tai is no different.

The tale of the Mai Tai started in 1944, by Trader Vic himself, who was the owner of a tiki restaurant of the same name in Oakland, California. Together with Donn Beach, from Donn the Beachcomber bar, these two were the first ones to start the ‘Tiki’ bar trend.

Tiki bar culture takes its inspiration from a blend of the Polynesian and Caribbean cultures. The idea was that Tiki bars should be spaces where people can escape reality and be transported to the tropics, while enjoying tropical flavoured cocktails.

The cocktails are careful combinations of tropical flavours and Caribbean rum. It is said that the Mai Tai takes it’s name from “Mai Tai-Roa Aé.” Which means “Out of this world-the best” in Tahitian.

We are also dreaming of being transported to exotic locations this week, so it seemed fitting to immerse ourselves in these sumptuous tropical flavours.

Spirit of The Month 🌋

To make the May Tai you need a non-alcoholic rum alternative, so our spirit of the month is Strykk NOT R*M. A dark rum this one with notes of vanilla, raisin, oakwood, sugarcane with a warm finish. Which was perfect for our May Tai and also works well for a Mojito or even a simple alcohol-free Cuba Libre cocktail. Strykk NOT R*M is 100% natural with no sugar, no fat and no artificial flavours and distilled and bottled in the UK.

Mixers 🏖🍒

Juices of orange, lime and almond syrup are added to complete this exotic dreamy combination. So to shake up your May Tai we’ve included Orange Juice and Biona Organic Lime juice. This is also really great for cooking too, so you can repurpose with any you have left over!

Also you’ll either have a Simply Almond Syrup or Monin Orgeat syrup in your box and for your cocktail garnish you’ll find Opies elegant stemmed cocktail cherries🍒 which make such a gorgeous dressing and of course cocktail umbrellas! ⛱

The Pourwell Mai Tai

Pourwell Mai Tai in glass


  • Glass: Tiki glass or tumbler
  • 50ml: AF Rum
  • 25ml: Lime Juice
  • 25ml: Orange Juice
  • 10ml: Almond Syrup
  • Garnish: Cherry and Umbrella!


  • Fill shaker with ice, ad rum, orange and lime juice, almond syrup and shake vigorously.
  • Pour over ice, garnish and serve 🍹
Pourwell Mai Tai on ice

Surprise Taster 🍊

This month's surprise taster is a brand we truly ❤️ Punchy drinks Blood Orange, Bitters and Cardamom. We love the art work and the flavours - it's an all round great brand with sophisticated alcohol free alternatives to impress your garden tiki bar guests!


To complement this month’s flavours we’ve carefully selected a fusion of spicy asian flavours with Native snacks vegan prawn crackers Proper Sweet Sriracha lentil chips🌶.

And to finish off Urban Fruit Pineapple 🍍 these can double up as drink garnish too for some extra wow factor to your May Tai! And to sweeten the palette we have included yummy Love Raw vegan chocolate 🍫 caramel wafer 😋

So with tiki flavours and exotic dreams - we are all set for more sunny days to come over here at Pourwell! 😎🍍🍒🍹🏖

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