Last Days of Summer - September Box 🧡

  1. Author: Roberta Nilerud
  2. Date: September 9, 2022

With the memories of summer holidays still fresh in our 🧡 and minds ..enjoying the Last Days of Summer is the inspiration for this month's box. Nothing epitomises this better than the sunset hue and sun-soaked Mediterranean bitter citrus and olive flavours of this month's spirit of the month New London Light ‘Aegean Sky’.

Spirit of the Month

New London Light Aegean Sky person walking

New London Light Aegean Sky

New London Light is a bold collection of contemporary non-alcoholic spirits and aperitifs, crafted by Salcombe Distilling Co’s expert distillers in Devon, who challenge the process and bring innovative flavour combinations into a new era of taste without alcohol.

Harnessing their expertise in making world-class spirits, each exploration into the non-alcoholic world is led by taste and inspired by adventure, this month’s selection is ‘Aegean Sky’ a Mediterranean inspired aperitif that captures the essence of the vibrant Aegean coast.

Inspired by adventures in pursuit of golden horizons, ‘Aegean Sky’ captures the essence of the vibrant Mediterranean coast. Every sip of this creative combination of sun-soaked bitter citrus and olive takes you on a journey into a new world of flavour.

‘Aegean Sky’ has been carefully distilled and crafted using botanical distillates and natural flavours which have been handpicked to create a flavour profile reminiscent of the region’s finest citrus and olive groves.

Below Co-founder Howard Davies explains why New London Light has been so ambitious in it's range expansion, using unusual flavour combinations to create a truly exceptional collection.

*‘We wanted to ensure that those who choose not to drink are in no way compromising on taste. To create ‘Aegean Sky’, we first make a concentrate from hand-sourced and carefully balanced botanicals including kumquat, bergamot, olive, and rosemary. These are steeped in a neutral grain spirit for 48 hours at about 40% ABV. The use of alcohol to extract and carry flavour is an important part of the process. Using a combination of craft and innovation, this base spirit is then distilled in our rotary vacuum still; a process that removes the alcohol without removing the flavour. This creates a highly concentrated distillate, which acts as the backbone of ‘Aegean Sky’. *

This is then carefully blended with additional natural flavours such as blood orange and rosehip and stabilised with the unusual use of kombucha, to excite the drinker.

There’s no doubt that the experience and skill of the Salcombe Distilling Co. team has led to the creation of an interesting aperitif. Bursting with bright citrus aromas of blood orange, mandarin and kumquat on the nose, the taste layers these bitter citrus flavours with floral notes of rosehip and bergamot, with earthy herbal undertones of rosemary and complex layers of olive throughout.

Salcombe Distilling Co. was born from a love of the sea; co-founders Angus Lugsdin and Howard Davies met whilst teaching sailing in Salcombe, through a combined passion for fine spirits and life on and around the water. They have also partnered with the Marine Conservation Society to donate 1% of sales from New London Light to important seagrass regeneration projects, as they believe and we agree....

"it’s vital that we protect our oceans and minimise our impact on the environment, and ocean conservation is an issue close to the hearts of everyone who works for SDCo."

Every UK 70cl bottle purchased helps protect and regenerate 1m² of seagrass by donating 27p to the Marine Conservation Society.

Surprise Taster

Anon Country Garden For those last sunny afternoons and the last meandering evenings spent in the garden we have featured Anon’s Country Garden as this month’s surprise taster. Anon is a new, award winning range of non-alcoholic spirits, which combine natural flavourings and botanicals to create delicious non-alcoholic alternatives. A collaboration between Alfresco Drinks - Julian Ebbutt and Robin Sheppard, who have been developing and making soft drinks for over 20 years.

Last Days Of Summer Recipe


  • Glass: Collins or Highball
  • 50ml: New London Light Aegean Sky
  • 80-100ml: Pink Grapefruit, Elderflower or light tonic
  • Garnish: Apple Slice


Fill a glass with ice, in a jigger measure spirit and pour over ice. Top with tonic, muddle with a spoon, add garnish and enjoy.


Snacks we have paired Indie Bay crunchy pretzels Popchips Sour cream and 🧅 one of our faves for vegan gummies Jealous Sweets Happy Bears along with Doisy and Dam Dark 🍫 Coconut & Lucuma. We didn't know what a Lucuma was and had to look it up but it sure tastes delicious!!

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