ITV’s show ‘Are You Drinking Too Much?

  1. Author: Conor Erb
  2. Date: July 30, 2021

ITV’s show ‘Are You Drinking Too Much?’ dives into the dangers of increasing your alcohol intake, especially during the pandemic. The episode explores when the quantity of alcohol people are consuming puts your health in jeopardy.

Toby Winson, a recovered alcoholic, hosts the episode and explains how 13% of drinkers in England are consuming more alcohol since the pandemic began. For many people dependent on alcohol, the pandemic left a void, and this void was filled by alcohol.

Winson met with a liver specialist, Dr Ryan Buchanan, who explained that the liver team became one of the busiest medical areas last summer, which was never the case prior to the pandemic. Another shocking fact that was revealed by Dr Buchanan was that there has been a significant increase in young people who have liver disease because of sustained drinking.

The recommended volume of alcohol is 14 units per week and anyone consuming above this is exposing themselves to the risk of many diseases caused by alcohol such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure and alcohol related dementia.

Winson also visited a rehab centre in the episode and spoke to some recovering alcoholics. They all explained how the pandemic was a trigger for their increased dependency on alcohol and with services being closed, there was nothing to keep them in check which ultimately resulted in an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

The bottom line is that many people are consuming poison, alcohol is a poison which can have detrimental effects. It was discussed that its never too late to stop, reduce or improve your relationship with alcohol.

Adapting to a lower volume of alcohol or even going alcohol-free can greatly improve both your physical and mental health.

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