Creative Wellness Tips to Keep You Feeling Good

  1. Author: Conor Erb
  2. Date: June 10, 2021

When spending more time at home these days, it makes sense to implement some simple do-it-yourself self-care practices to help you feel more in balance. Feeling good mentally and physically is important if you're to enjoy your life. Looking after your mind, body, and soul will help you stay peaceful and productive while juggling what life throws your way.

These creative wellness tools below are simple to implement. There is little equipment needed. You will simply pivot away from your daily routine to add in habits that will reset your mind, body, and soul.

Evaluate Your Life

Assuming your entire life needs an overhaul or that it will take a lot of money, job change, or travel to get you where you want to be is not necessary. You can improve the very life you have, starting today. Five or ten minutes of self-care will grow on its own as you begin to enjoy the benefits of simple, well-paced new practices.

Before choosing which activities to implement, begin by taking a simple evaluation of what's going well in your routine and what's out of balance. Rather than becoming negative in your assessment, look at this exercise as an opportunity to find your starting point. There's no need to fix something that's not broken. If you sense there is something out of balance, take note of it.

What's working and what's not? Are you sitting too much? Are you overeating the wrong types of foods? Do you feel stressed, tired, stiff, and sore? Or do you feel agile and energetic? Will clearing your mind give you the incentive you need to tackle other life issues?

Create a Wish List

Chances are you could rattle off a wish list of self-care that includes traveling to a fantasy destination or having expensive spa treatments. Maybe you're dreaming of getting into shape to run a marathon, or fitting into smaller clothes by dropping several pounds is your goal. These are lofty goals. For now, start small and simple. Make your goals realistic for your current lifestyle. Plan to start with baby steps and build momentum. Any time is a good time to start.

Here are a few ideas to get you going on some do-it-yourself self-care strategies:

Self-Care Breaks

Self-care breaks might include standing up from your desk or couch to stretch once every hour. Quick short walks around your office hallways or outdoors can become an easy add-on. To track your movement progress, you might want to use a fitness tracker or simply mark your activity on a calendar.

Another break idea is to pause to enjoy a favorite smoothie or cup of organic tea. Keep your blood sugar stable by eating healthy snacks at certain times.

Add music to your day. Take a break to play a favorite vinyl album, or turn on dance music and get moving.

Simply stepping outside to breathe in fresh air is a great break to add to your day. When you do so, pause to become mindful. Let go of the stress by becoming present. Notice the colors and textures of nature. Gaze into the horizon to give your eyes a break. Then return to your tasks refreshed.

Mini Retreats

For more restoration, a mini retreat might be worth adding to your schedule. Personal mini retreats are a little more involved than simple self-care breaks. They require a bigger time commitment.

Here are a few do-it-yourself mini retreats to consider:

A Sudsy Retreat - As it sounds, a sudsy retreat takes place in a bathtub. Gather candles (scented or not) and a lighter or matches. Have on hand a bath brush, loofa, or sea sponge and your favorite soap and music. Try adding stress-easing Epsom salt to your bath, or go for soap petals, bath bombs, or scented oils in jasmine, sandalwood, coconut, or lavender.

Play your favorite music or recorded readings while you soak. Add a bath caddy to your tub to hold a book, magazine, or beverage. Enjoy your soak until you feel relaxed and restored.

A Yoga or Stretching Retreat - Stepping away from tasks to do simple yoga moves or stretching exercises will give your body a good break. Your blood will circulate, your body will elongate, and you'll increase your flexibility. Fancy equipment isn't needed for a stretching retreat, but a yoga mat or towel for floor work might help you take your stretching routine more seriously.

Indoors or outdoors will do for this retreat. Choose a calm spot where you won't be interrupted. Simply stretch anywhere there is space. If indoors, dim the lights or turn on a full spectrum light--whatever you need most. Play uplifting or soothing music as you stretch. Continue stretching until you feel limber and refreshed.

A yoga or stretching mini retreat is a great way to relieve stress and to get more in touch with your body. You may find doing yoga before bed will help you sleep better too.

A Forest Bathing Retreat - The restorative power of being in nature is unmatched. A forest bathing mini retreat may be just what you need to feel restored.

To forest bathe, find a woody location nearby. Leave your electronics at home or in your car. You might want to stay on a well-marked trail so you don't get lost.

There's no need to rush this experience. Move along the trail slowly, interacting with the forest. Notice tree bark colors and textures. Are the trees in bud or full leaf? Do you hear trickling water or the soft coo of a dove? Are squirrels or chipmunks scattering? What's on the forest floor?

Forest bathing helps you become present. Pause to inhale the woodsy notes in the air. Gaze toward the sky. Is it blue? Clouded? Is rain approaching?

Find a spot to sit, if possible, where you can meditate, dream, or pray. Recite what you're grateful for before ending your forest bath.

Other Outdoor Retreats

Other outdoor mini retreats might include walking on a beach, climbing a mountainside, sitting atop a hill, or laying in a hammock in your own backyard. You might even vary your retreats from week to week.

Active individuals may gain their best renewal through vigorous uninterrupted walking or jogging. Walking a dog, horseback riding, or cycling may be your choice.

Personal mini retreats are great ways to add variety and balance to your life. Take one with a partner or go it alone. These little get-aways offer the opportunity to shift your focus, relieve stress, and ultimately open pathways to new creativity.

What Will You Choose?

Where will you start in your quest to enhance your personal wellbeing? Will you pack a picnic lunch and eat it in a unique spot this week? Or will you choose one of the tips suggested above? Be a risk-taker and see how self-care breaks or mini retreats work for you.

Yes, you can spend a lot of time at home and keep yourself in balance too. Small pivots like these self-care breaks and retreats will result in greater mind, body, and soul awareness. You'll feel more in control of your life and better able to face each day. Ultimately, you'll become calmer and more creative and, thus, feel good about your life.

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