Cheers to New Beginnings

  1. Author: Roberta Nilerud
  2. Date: January 17, 2022

2022 is well underway and we are thrilled about this month's box, packed full of value for customers and featuring a plethora of amazing brands to discover.

For our January box we’ve taken inspiration from New Beginnings, Health & Wellness, as January is a time to start new health, fitness and sobriety journeys. It’s a time when many observe Dry January, simply cut back or cut out alcohol all together.

This could be your first Dry January, something you do every year or maybe as a sober advocate you are supporting someone else through Dry January. It’s also a time, due to seasonality, when there’s less sunlight and a lack of vitamin D, which can make some feel pretty run down and in need to give their immune system a boost.

Therefore, this month’s non-alcoholic cocktail, The Honey Ginger, is Pourwell's wellness take on a Moscow Mule. To support your immune system, we’ve included fresh ingredients, with citrus for vitamin C, the probiotic’s of honey and ginger for it’s healing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. There’s also Turmeric in this month's Planet Organic savoury snack, as it’s well documented that Turmeric has multiple health benefits to promote heart and brain function, as well as being anti-inflammatory and packed full of antioxidants.

For a Mule you need vodka! Vodka being a base for so many classic cocktails but we’ve found it quite challenging to find good alcohol free vodka alternatives, that’s one reason Strykk NOT V*DKA stands out from the crowd. It’s distilled in exactly the same way as the regular vodka, just minus the alcohol! It’s also 100% natural with no sugar, no fat and no artificial flavours, vegan and gluten free plus being distilled and bottled in the UK.

Next in our amazing January line up is LA Brewery’s Tropical Ginger Hops Kombucha, a mouthful to say and certainly a mouthful of luscious, delicious flavours! We are totally crushing on this small batch craft microbrewery from Suffolk, founder Louise Avery obsession with flavour, fermentation and wild plants is at the heart of the brewing process. Louise sources the best quality ingredients from organic and importantly ethical suppliers. Tropical Ginger is their take on Ginger Ale, brewed and fermented at their non-alcoholic brewery where Louise and team blend kombucha with ginger, hops and yuzu which creates a rich base with notes of tropical fruits, a fragrant citrus zing and aromatic fizz.

Have to say this product was a revelation for this month’s Honey Ginger - which true to a Mule should be topped up with ginger beer. However, the problem we encountered during testing is that many more traditional ginger beers and ales were quite overpowering. I appreciate some like that fiery ginger flavour, but not for this recipe. We were searching for a product with a more delicate gingery disposition, a softness and elegance to enhance the fresh ginger and complement the NOT V*DKA flavours of aromatic wormwood, lemongrass and warming capsicum.

In addition, this Kombucha, particularly the tropical undertone pairs so well with the coconut sweetness in this month's sweet snack The Protein Ball Co Coconut & Macadamia balls - for that extra exotic twist.

So get mixing those Honey Ginger’s folks - sit back, close your eyes and as you sip, boost your immune system and dream of blue skies and tropical shores to keep you motivated in the dark January days ahead.

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