Last Days of Summer - September Box 🧡

With the memories of summer holidays still fresh in our 🧡 and minds ..enjoying the Last Days of Summer is the inspiration for this month's box. Nothing epitomises this better than the sunset hue and sun-soaked Mediterranean bitter citrus and olive flavours of this month's spirit of the month New London Light Aegean Sky

Roberta Nilerud

September 9, 2022


Non-Alcoholic Summer Spritz

Oh summer how we love thee let us count the ways, long meandering evenings, al fresco dining, sandals, sun soaked soirees, trips to Italy, afternoon’s spent in the garden spritz in hand we could go on….. Wait stop. Trips to Italy we want one!! So all things summer and Italian are our source of inspo for this month's bo

Roberta Nilerud

July 7, 2022


Non-Alcoholic G & T - a crisp, refreshing alternative 🌊

Thinking of the Jubilee and our beloved Queen’s 70 years on the throne, and all the celebrations lined up got us all thinking about everything quintessentially British, Tea, Scones, trips to the Seaside.

Roberta Nilerud

June 6, 2022


Mocktails for May the alcohol free Mai Tai

It’s May and suddenly summer doesn't seem so far away.....We’ve been planning summer wardrobes (aka unpacking the sliders) and dreaming of exotic summer holidays over here at Pourwell - which has been the inspo for this month's box.

Roberta Nilerud

May 10, 2022


Pourwell April Box - Birdsong

For a week the sun shone, the garden furniture came out of hibernation and we even managed to mark the Spring solstice with the first BBQ of the year!! Spring is in full bloom, the bees are buzzing and birdsong soundtracking our days has been the inspiration for this month's serve. With al fresco living and birds on our mind it’s fitting that this month's spirit of the month is the smoking hot Mockingbird, the UK’s first non alcoholic Tequila alternative.

Roberta Nilerud

April 7, 2022


Pourwell March Box - Spring Watch

Spring officially starts on 20th March, wordsmiths from Shakespeare to Wordsworth, have looked to spring as the season of new beginnings and it’s certainly putting a spring in our step over at Pourwell. Our love of the country garden and all things seasonal for March being the inspo for this month's box, as we celebrate the arrival of Spring.

Roberta Nilerud

March 9, 2022


Spreading a Little Love this February

Valentine's Day approaches and as the world needs more love, we are marking February with a cheeky little wink to Valentine's Day in this month’s Pourwell box.

Roberta Nilerud

February 11, 2022


Cheers to New Beginnings

2022 is well underway and we are thrilled about this month's box, packed full of value for customers and featuring a plethora of amazing brands to discover.

Roberta Nilerud

January 17, 2022


Bemuse (Nolo Partner for August) Founder Interview

Bemuse is a story of two passions combined, resulted in creating of our brand, which brings to the market a low alcohol sparkling mead – a completely new drinking experience.

Conor Erb

September 10, 2021

normalising sobriety 1x1

Normalising Sobriety

A large part of our culture in the UK is constructed by the consumption of food and drink. This can prove giving up alcohol to be extremely challenging even though becoming sober is a very desirable idea for many people. A recent figure from drink aware UK reveals that 80% of people over the age of 16 years old drink alcohol in the UK, leaving a mere 20% of adults that don’t drink alcohol. This is just 1 in 5 adults.

Conor Erb

August 10, 2021


ITV’s show ‘Are You Drinking Too Much?

ITV’s show ‘Are You Drinking Too Much?’ dives into the dangers of increasing your alcohol intake, especially during the pandemic. The episode explores when the quantity of alcohol people are consuming puts your health in jeopardy.

Conor Erb

July 30, 2021


Alcohol and Nutrition

As a nutritionist in Central London I’m used to having to find ways to accommodate alcohol intake within a client’s lifestyle of work lunches, team drinks and dining out. While it is possible to accommodate some level of alcohol intake alongside most fitness goals, it’s overconsumption remains one of the biggest barriers preventing clients reaching their goals (particularly if that goal is weight loss.)

Dan Price

July 28, 2021


Why are alcohol-free spirits so expensive?

So why are alcohol-free spirits so expensive? Well, it comes down to five main factors: research and development costs; the cost of quality ingredients; high production costs; economies of scale not yet fully realised; and that the market hasn’t yet reached maturity.

Conor Erb

July 14, 2021


How alcohol ruins your sleep quality

Sleep is essential if we are to function properly. Lack of sleep doesn’t just mean we feel weary the next day, it leaves us struggling to concentrate or think clearly. Everything seems more difficult to do or to understand, making decisions can feel like an impossible task, our judgement is affected and we can suffer from uncharacteristic mood swings. It impacts on work performance and how we carry out day-to-day tasks, like driving.

Conor Erb

July 7, 2021


Meet John deBary - Author of Drink What You Want

Some people think that if you have seen one cocktail book, you have seen them all. That is, until they get their hands on Drink What You Want: The Subjective Guide to Making Objectively Delicious Cocktails by the New York-based LGBT NoLo profile John deBary. We managed to grab an hour with him to talk about his book, his journey from the corporate world into bartending, and his new alcohol-free botanical drink, Proteau.

Conor Erb

June 24, 2021


Distiller of the Month

This month we met up with Alistair Frost, the CEO and co-founder of Pentire, which just turned two years old, to hear more about how he and his team created truly unique alcohol-free spirits.

Conor Erb

June 21, 2021


Member Spotlight - Jons Mottram

Jons was the first person on the planet to join Pourwell, back in April 2021, when he chose the monthly rolling mixed spirits subscription. We met up to get to know him and his journey – with his partner – to discovering alcohol free; from beer to wine to spirits. Jons will also reveal his best-kept secret for what to do when you’re in a bar with no alcohol-free options

Conor Erb

June 15, 2021


Creative Wellness Tips to Keep You Feeling Good

When spending more time at home these days, it makes sense to implement some simple do-it-yourself self-care practices to help you feel more in balance. Feeling good mentally and physically is important if you're to enjoy your life. Looking after your mind, body, and soul will help you stay peaceful and productive while juggling what life throws your way.

Conor Erb

June 10, 2021


Movers and Shakers, Camille Vidal - She Invented the Mindful Cocktail

If you have been following the no- and low-alcohol drinks industry for some time, chances are that you have already come across Camille Vidal, an industry veteran who has shifted her focus to help us discover mindful drinking. We got a chance to sit down with her to learn about her journey.

Conor Erb

June 4, 2021


The World’s First Subscription Club to Discover Alcohol-Free Spirits Launched

Wesley Branch, Brand Ambassador at Pourwell and professional dancer at the Northern Ballet. Pourwell is riding a wave of increased interest in health & wellness, in-home entertainment and alcohol-free alternatives to popular drinks. There are currently hundreds of no and low (NoLo) alcohol brands globally, thousands of products, and new ones are being launched every month. Whilst there has never been more choice, it’s never been harder for consumers to know where to start or what to try.

Adrian Franklin

February 15, 2021

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